The Jackaroo Seat Covers
The Jackaroo Seat Covers
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The Sleeping Bag Cover

Our Marquee Product Range

The Cover Shop was founded on the mantra of one concept - that life is too short for poor quality, average looking car & motorbike covers, that simply aren't capable of doing the job they are assigned to do. Inspired by this, we developed The Sleeping Bag Indoor Automotive Cover, which offers unrivalled protection and privacy, whilst just looking damn good at the same time.



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Fleece-Lined Protection

A good car cover should never compromise paintwork. So that's why our covers are 100% fleece-lined to ensure no micro-scratching will ever take place during application and removal.

Form-Fit Construction

With our polyester/elastaine material blend, our four sizes will mould to almost every car, achieving the custom-look, without the custom price tag.

Dust Suppression X Breathability

Get a cover that can do both. Our 180GSM weave material is fine enough to repel dust contamination, but retains the ability to let trapped moisture escape.