The Future of Car Care

The car world never stands still for too long, especially in the past decade, which have seen an almost unparalleled degree of innovation. The car-world is very much moving into the future, and that means that how we look after and care for our vehicles is also evolving. The shift from petrol to electric vehicles will cause some inherent shifts in car-maintenance, as will the increasingly common extreme weather cycles we’ve been getting, which will pose additional threats to our beloved vehicles.

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way towards ensuring your vehicle is in tip-top condition in the coming years. Here’s what you need to know — and remember, you can keep your vehicle looking its best by investing in a quality car cover from The Cover Shop

Tech Updates for Modern Vehicles

For the majority of the automobile industry’s history, car maintenance had to be undertaken by a trained professional in a garage. But that was when cars were mechanical. Today, much of the car’s infrastructure and performance is underwritten by technology, and that’ll change how we care for our vehicles. Keeping a vehicle running at its best will be dependent on software updates and AI-troubleshooting. While the shift to electric vehicles will remove many maintenance tasks, it’ll increase the need for others — car tires, for example, have to be changed more frequently for electric cars. 

Eco-Friendly Washing

A car never looks as good as when it’s straight out of the car wash. But those car wash facilities, while effective at keeping a car clean, are also pretty wasteful, using up more energy and water than is necessary. Advancements in AI technology will allow for “smart car washing.” These systems assess a car’s size, shape, and requirements and provide the optimal amount of water and cleaning products. Your car will be clean — and in an environmentally-friendly way. Once it is, you can keep your vehicle at home and under a car cover, reducing the number of times you need to visit the car wash. 

Additional Protection From the Elements 

It’s no secret that the climate is changing. That’ll pose a host of problems, including causing unnecessary damage to the exterior of vehicles. The more UV-rays and rainfall a vehicle is subject to, the faster it loses its aesthetic appeal. Car owners can keep their vehicles looking their best for longer by buying a well-made, high-performance car cover and keeping their car in their garage or under a carport. 

There’ll Likely Be Fewer, But More Expensive Maintenance Requirements

Advancements in all aspects of the car’s mechanisms means there’ll be fewer maintenance requirements in the future. Even petrol-based vehicles can go way longer than the historically recommended 3,000 miles before getting an oil change; today, you can double it. For most other trivial troubles, artificial intelligence — with the help of the car owner — can handle things. The problem with such advanced technology, however, is that repairs and maintenance that do need to be taken care of will likely be more expensive. For that reason, it’ll be essential to invest in car covers for all your vehicles, keep it off the road, and avoid difficult terrain.