The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Car Cover In Australia’s Coastal Climates

 your car the pride and joy of your life? You’re far from alone. Countless car enthusiasts adore their vehicles. However, if you want to keep your car in the best condition, then you need to make sure that you are using protection like a car cover regularly. This is particularly important if your car is exposed to Australia’s coastal climate. Here’s why. 


Protection From The Sun 

If you live on the Australian coast, then you’ll no doubt enjoy the sunny weather through the spring and summer seasons. This is the perfect location for everything from sunbathing to surfing. However, while you might love being warmed by the sun’s powerful rays, your car is less likely to appreciate this. Indeed, the sun can cause significant damage to your vehicle if it is left unprotected outside your home or at the side of the road. Sun damage can cause your car to lose the top coat of paint altogether. Usually, this will only take a couple of years and you’ll begin to notice that the paintwork on your vehicle is bubbling or peeling. A protective car cover can help you prevent this impact. 


Of course, the main problem for your car when living on the coast is salt. If you live on the coast, then you’ll always be close to the beautiful, aqua-green, salty waters. However, salt isn’t just in the water here. It blows through the air and falls to the ground when it rains. If you aren’t covering your car up when not in use, then it is going to be exposed to salt. Salt is naturally corrosive. It can damage the metal of your vehicle and this is far more serious than a simple aesthetic issue. It will cause rust to build up in key areas of your vehicle exterior. Eventually, it could even cause an issue with your brakes, hydraulics and your exhausts leading to significant, expensive, repairs. 


It’s not just summer weather that you need to consider when protecting your car either. As the Australian climate continues to change, hail showers are becoming more of an issue for road users. Hailstones can obliterate your car in a matter of minutes. Large hailstones will cause damage to various parts of your vehicle. They may leave dents in the panels and could even 

Crack or chip your windscreen. A car cover will provide an extra level of protection and ensure that this is far less likely to be an issue. You might think that hail storms are still quite rare in Australia. However, research suggests that they are only going to become more common in the future. Experts also warn that the hail season is likely to become longer as well, particularly in coastal areas. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key reasons why a protective car cover is the right choice if you are living on the coast of Australia. You can get a quality cover that provides the best level of protection from The Cover Shop. They sell covers for all types and sizes of cars.