Why It's Important To Invest In A Premium Indoor Car Cover

While it might seem like vehicles are perfectly protected in garages, they still face risks. Even interior spaces are prone to hazards that could potentially damage your vehicle. 

The risks are even higher when you own a luxury car. Damage done due to poor storage conditions can cost you thousands of dollars in meticulous, detailed repair work. Therefore, indoor car covers are essential. As you might expect, they’re a lifesaver for anyone who loves their car more than their dog. 

There’s a difference between regular and premium car covers, though. Most people use regular indoor car covers to protect their vehicles while in storage, ready for when they want to drive or display them. However, premium covers offer additional features to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition all year round. So, without further ado, here’s how a premium indoor car cover protects your vehicle and prevents depreciation:

Zero Compromise On Paintwork

Value indoor car covers use cheap materials to keep costs down. 

Unfortunately, these often have small nodules that cause micro-scratches on your paintwork – the precise opposite of what you want. 

By contrast, our premium car covers in Australia are 100 percent fleece-lined. Soft material prevents scratching of any kind, ensuring that your vehicle’s paintwork looks just as sparkly and new as the day you bought it. 

Dust Suppression

Allowing a thin layer of dust to accumulate on your vehicle might not sound like a big deal. But as anyone who works on complex mechanical systems will know, small particles are the sworn enemy of machinery. Not only can they cause abrasive damage to the exterior, but they can also reduce airflow to the engine, clog air filters (which might be difficult to replace if you have a classic car) and cause dreaded overheating.

For this reason, premium indoor car covers come with dust suppression technology. Ours use 180GSM weave material that keeps fine particles out, whether it's pet dander, your dander, or the dander of anyone who happens to be rubbing their scalp while walking through your garage. 

Form-Fitting Construction

Custom indoor car covers are expensive, particularly if you own a rare vehicle. First, you have to supply the dimensions to the cover maker. Then you have to wait for them to fabricate it for you as a one-off, all of which takes a lot of time and money. 

What’s more, they don’t always give you much control over the material. You have to make do with what they offer, even if it risks micro-scratching your vehicle.

That’s not a worry with our premium indoor car covers, though. They feature an elastane-rich material that stretches over your vehicle, no matter what shape it is. Plus, they come without ridiculous custom price tags. That means more beer money in your pocket. 

Better Looks

Not all car covers look good, either. Some look like they’ve been on the circuit since the 1970s with none of the class of the Rolling Stones. 

With our modern, stretch fabric designs and colours, your car looks great all the time. The soft, body-hugging fleece material wraps your vehicle like a baby in a swaddling cloth. They’re so good they can make an Aventador look cute.


Even while indoors, vehicles are prone to scratches. Anyone could walk past absent-mindedly and remove paint with a coat buckle or a tool in their hand. 

Premium indoor car covers provide substantial cushioning to prevent this from happening. Humans and animals can brush past without any risk to the underlying paintwork. The fabric absorbs sharp impacts, protecting the paint and bodywork below from damage. 

Peace Of Mind

Owning an expensive car can feel like being a parent. You worry about it constantly when it's out of sight, and you only want the best for it, even if that means wrapping it up in cotton wool.

That’s why many owners aren’t afraid to invest in their vehicles’ wardrobes. Not only does it keep them in good condition, but it gives them peace of mind as well. 

Think about it. We’ve all been there. There’s nothing worse than ruminating about a vehicle left in your garage, wondering what disaster might befall it. Animals, children, and even other car lovers in your household could cause irreparable damage. 

Would you like to buy a car cover for your vehicle? Get in touch with us today and ask which of our premium options will fit your car the best.