Car Wash Pack

Car Wash Pack
Car Wash Pack
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It is a cardinal sin to apply one of our car cover's to a dirty vehicle, so avoid this painful detriment

This quick and easy little package will ensure your paint is prepped as best as possible before the application of our indoor cover range.

Beyond safely lubricating and safely removing potentially damaging dust particles, it also gives a high gloss shine and leaves a lovely smooth finish. Two birds, one Bowden's Own. This mean's absolute minimisation of potential damage to paint work when pulling our covers on and off.

Product Details:

Auto Body Gel Car Wash: The highly regarded and salt free Auto Body Gel car wash, super lubricating and beautiful to use.


Muffy Microfibre Sponge: The safe and soft microfibre sponge, to minimise the chance of adding swirl marks to your paint.


Little Ripper Chamois: Highly absorbent for an ultra-easy drying process. Large in size to keep the 'wringing-out' to a minimum. 

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What size fits my car?

Simply check our car cover size guide. If you're still unsure, or you have a Motorcycle, you contact us directly with your make and model and we'll point you in the right direction.