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The Large

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  • Soft fleece knitted fabric inner
  • Breathable air-exchange stitching
  • High density 210GSM stitching weave to help prevent dust migration
  • 4-Sided Form-Fit Elastic Hemming for that silky smooth fit
  • Accidental bump and scratch damage resistant
  • 5-Year Warranty from The Cover Shop
  • Risk-Free Size Exchanges

Colours Available: Midnight Black, Alpine Blue, Maranello Red, Full Course Yellow, Cool Camo (Limited Edition)

Size: Large - Suited for Large Coupes, Larger Sedans, Small SUV's

Use: Indoor Only

Cars using Car Covers in Photos: Holden Commodore VF SS/HSV GTS, 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA, Porsche Macan, 2018 Ford Mustang, 2018 Audi A6

Bonnet Logo Print Options:

Regular: 'The Sleeping Bag' Logo Print

Custom Car Cover Logo Print: 45cm Print with logo of your choice (Follow upload prompts)

  • Sale
  • Regular price $419.00

or make 4 interest-free payments of $104.75 AUD fortnightly with More info

Tax included.

Customer Reviews

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The Sleeping Bag Car Cover

The large car cover fits many of the much loved sedans owned by car enthusiasts here in Australia, keeping those beautifully tuned and modified Commodores, Falcons, Audis, BMWs and Mercedes in exceptional show condition while they are garaged and not in use.

These car covers regularly bring exceptional feedback, for the quality, for the way the lines and curves of car show through the car cover when fitted, and for so much more. Something which in many ways is to be expected in that all our car covers were designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

So many people expect cars to be OK as long as they are in a garage, though having a quality car cover does a lot more to keep the vehicle in good condition. Keeping dust out of vents and intakes, as well as off paintwork is important. Dust build up affects performance, clogging filters and reducing airflow, it also leads to scratching of paintwork. While washing after long term storage can help clear away dust, using a car cover means less maintenance is required as dust and sand never get into those places they're not wanted. Car covers do make a difference to vehicle longevity, and great help in maintaining condition.

The Sleeping Bag Car Cover by The Cover Shop.

  • For indoor enclosed use only - do not use in an outdoor environment
  • Ensure vehicle is cool & dry before application of car cover
  • Apply car cover from rear of vehicle first
  • Car cover made from 84% Polyester & 16% Elastane.

  • Spend less time cleaning, because this car cover actually keeps the dust out
  • Car cover minimises rust-inducing trapped moisture with its fabric breathability
  • Car cover protects your paint from micro-scratching with its soft fleece-inner
  • Acts as thermo insulation to help reduce the impact of heat cycles
  • Car cover will make your garage look like a showroom!
  • Includes free storage bag

100% Dust Resistant. 100% Scratch Protection. 100% Sexy Car Cover.

The custom-fit look without the custom-fit price tag.


Didn't pick the right size car cover? Thats totally ok! Just organise and pay for the shipping back to us and we'll send you the next size cover for car up or down. Click here to read more about our car cover refund policy.

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- Your file is a EPS, JPG or PNG file ONLY

- Logo resolution is a minimum of 2000 x 2000 px

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