The importance of maintaining your car cover for optimal protection

You probably already know the importance of maintaining your car. But looking after your car’s cover (the blanket-like object that protects it from the elements) is equally essential. Without it, your vehicle could experience significant damage and harm. 

Why you should maintain your car’s cover

Maintaining your protective car cover is essential because it directly affects the level of protection it provides for your vehicle. A well-maintained cover can help prevent damage from weather elements, dirt, and debris, as well as scratches and dents caused by accidental impacts. On the other hand, a poorly maintained cover can deteriorate quickly, leaving your car exposed to potential damage.

Maintaining your car’s cover also saves you money long-term. Replacing a high-quality cover can be a costly expense. If you don’t do it properly, it can get worn out, forcing you to make an unnecessary expenditure – not what you want. It may even prevent theft, according to some sources

Lastly, a clean and well-maintained car cover can enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Pristine protection is less likely to transmit dirt and grime to the bodywork underneath or expose it to the elements. It makes it easy to view your car with pride while it sits in the garage

How To Maintain Your Car Cover

Fortunately, looking after your car cover is easy. Here’s what you need to do: 

Clean It Regularly

To maintain a car cover, you should check if your car cover is machine-washable. If it is, add the required detergent to the washer and fill it with cold or warm water. Ensure the detergent dissolves fully in the water before putting the cover in the washer. Run through a normal wash/rinse cycle. Remove all traces of detergent by running an additional rinse cycle. Allow it to dry completely.

If your car cover is not machine-washable, you can wash it by hand. 

Put the cover on your car and stretch it tight to minimise wrinkles or folds. Fill a bucket with water and mild detergent. Spray the material with a hose to loosen any debris or residue (e.g. dirt, bird droppings, etc.). Soak the sponge in the detergent solution and scrub the cover. Lastly, rinse it with a hose and hang it to dry.

Avoid Sharp Edges

Don’t allow your protective car cover to drag against anything sharp. Tears in the fabric can be challenging to repair. 

Before you handle the car cover, check your clothing for any loose buckles or zip ends that could cause damage. Then check your vehicle’s perimeter to ensure nothing is in the way or could harm the cover as you pull it over your car. 

Store The Cover Properly

If you’re not using the cover, keep it in a cool, dry place. Don’t expose it to sunlight or extreme temperatures. These can cause the material to deteriorate. 

Don’t Let It Near Pets

Lastly, if you keep pets in your household, don’t let them near the car cover. Their teeth and claws can easily damage it.